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0966 What Network: Exploring The Globe Telecom Universe

0966 What Network: Exploring The Globe Telecom Universe

Jan 20, 2024

0966 What Network? Which network does this prefix number belong to, Smart Network or Globe Network? The explanation is as follows: 0966 is a Globe Network, which means that a cell phone number beginning with +63966xxxxx is associated with the Globe. The Globe Network is a Philippine-based telecommunications company.

Furthermore, a number of functions, like preserving the balance, placing calls with other users on the same network, and many more, depend on the mobile network being verified. Moreover, users of the network benefit greatly from a multitude of advantages. One of the reliable networks in the 0966 what network philippines is this one.

Over millions of people in all parts of the 0966 network philippines. You’ve come to the correct site if you’re looking for more crucial details regarding the prefix 0966 on the Globe network. Let’s get started as we will be delving further into this network.

An Overview Of 0966 What Network

Globe Telecom (TM), a Philippine telecommunications firm, is the one that registered the 0966 prefix number. Millions of users in the 0966 what network philippines have faith in the network. Customers may also take use of a variety of other perks from the network, including affordable packages, quick internet, dependable calls, and much more. With millions of users, the network offers dependable and seamless services. Additionally, the Globe network offers a variety of prefixed number sims under several network identities. The same telco also has various prefix numbers, such 0955, 0945, 0956, etc.

0966 what network phillipines


0966 Mobile NetworkGlobe Telecom or TM
Globe Website LinkWebsite
Total APP Installs10M+
Average Rating4.1
Last Updated14.12.2023

Services Offered By 0966 Network

The 0966 Network, often known as the Globe Telecom, provides an extensive array of services. Some of the most well-known services provided by 0966 Globe Telecom are listed below:

  • High-Speed Internet: The 0966 what network is a fantastic resource for internet access. Because the network provides high-speed internet, using it and finding anything on the internet is simple. 
  • Dependable Voice Calls: Users may rely on the reliable voice call service offered by the Globe telecom network, often known as 0966. The network transfers calls between users by using cutting edge technologies. 
  • Fast Text Messaging: Globe’s 0966 code offers excellent text messaging service. The message is sent from one user to another via the network in a matter of seconds.
  • Low-Cost Bundles: Call minutes, text messages, and internet megabytes are all included in the wonderful and reasonably priced bundles offered by the 0966. Globe Telecom, the 0966 network, offers affordable packages that come with all kinds of incentives. 
  • Expert Customer Support: Since Globe Telecom owns the 0966 What network, its customers are provided with professional customer support. Users are guaranteed round-the-clock customer service from all areas and statistics by the network.

Process To Check Your Globe Telecom Load Balance

Follow the given below step to check the balance of the 0966 what network Globe Telecom:-

Via Mobile APP

  • Download the official Globe Telecom app.
  • Enter your current cellphone number to register or use OTP-based authentication to log in.
  • The app dashboard will show you all the details you need about your ongoing subscription, including the expiration date, after you enter into your Ditto account.

Via Mobile Device

  • On any smartphone, enter *143#.
  • Choose choice number seven, then hit send.
  • The whole details of your current Globe Telecom load subscription, including its expiration date, will be sent to you by SMS at the end.

Benefits of 0966 What Network Philippines

For the customers, Globe Telecom, or the 0966 What Network, offers a number of benefits. The following advantages of the network for users are as follows:

  • Reasonably priced Top-Ups: Users may purchase reasonably priced top-ups or bundles via the 0966 code. The network offers a wide variety of inexpensive top-ups, making options accessible to customers.
  • Dependable Voice & Text Chat: Users of the 0966 Network may rely on dependable voice and text messaging services. Users may communicate via phone calls and text messages quickly thanks to the network. 
  • Fast Internet: Users can get high-speed internet over this network. To ensure quick internet, the network employs towers with cutting-edge technology to relay signals.
  • 24/7 Helpline: A qualified staff is available for customer assistance or advice on the 0966. Offering consumers simple solutions is the main goal of this network’s customer care.

Other Prefix Number Of The Smart Communications

Mobile numbers of Smart Communications start with these numbers/prefix

0920Smart    0933Sun    0946Sun
0921Smart    0934Sun    0947Globe/TM
0922Sun  0935Globe/TM0948Smart
0923Sun  0936Globe/TM0949Smart
0924Sun  0937Globe/TM0950TNT 
0925Sun  0938TNT0951Smart

Learn To Call a TM Or Globe Mobile Number

To call within the Philippines you need to dial the 11 digit number and it should start with 0966. you have to ensure that to have enough load balance on your account to call or register to globe or TM unlimited call promo offers. In case of dialing outside the country or abroad you have to use the dialing format +63 and the 10 digit mobile number without including 0.


Many questions about specific prefix numbers, like 0966 what network, etc., may be found online. Consequently, we decide to answer such questions with a brief synopsis. For the benefit of Filipinos, Globe Telecom, formerly TM Network, released the 0966 prefix number. It has been providing the service for a long time and is one of the most dependable networks for users. This network offers its subscribers a number of benefits and services. In this essay, we have thoroughly discussed the benefits, features, and much more of the 0966 network. Why do you wait? Investigate now and read the instructional content.

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